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H2 & CO2 are two complementary gases to consider in the energy system of tomorrow. In order to be in a position to provide your company with a service offering which optimally fits with your requirements, it is crucial to better understand the different market needs and drivers for both H2 and CO2.

Our questionnaire has 4 sections:

  1. Hydrogen - Producer
  2. Hydrogen - Offtaker (consumers, retailers)
  3. Carbon dioxide - Emitter
  4. Carbon dioxide - Offtaker (CCUS)

For each section, we invite you to specify the sites (location) and key figures (volumes, timing) for which you have or foresee any H2/CO2 related activities.

Additionally, you can easily skip any section you may consider as not relevant for your activities and projects.

For the sake of clarity, any information you provide is deemed non-binding and for information purposes only.

Please feel free to skip any question you cannot or do not want to answer. Nevertheless bear in mind, information you give us will allow us to efficiently and optimally develop the transmission infrastructure that would benefit your activities.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Your answers and comments will be of great importance to enable Fluxys Belgium to develop a future-proof infrastructure in line with the market needs. 

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