The questionnaire is organized as follows:

1.Information about your organisation
2. Proposal on bouquet composition.
3. Understanding your opinion on bouquet composition.
4. Proposal on payment terms
5. Product Description - Inquiry

Please note that in order to fill in this online questionnaire, you will need to read the background information provided in the consultation document in word. Please have it printed next to you, so that you can read the background and explanation to each question.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

* 1. Your Name

* 2. Contact details

* 3. Name of your organization

* 4. Your responsibility in the supply chain

* 5. Your country and geographical region

* 6. Fairtrade certification status (please mark one of the following)

* 7. FLO ID

If your organization was certified, but is not any longer, please provide the reasons for it
Please describe the consultation you carried out with members of your organisation, with partners or with external sources of information in order to complete this document.