Mentor Application

Mentoring is a special partnership between two people based on commitment to the Mentoring process, common goals/expectations of the partnership, and mutual trust and respect. The goal of FJA’s Mentor Program is to provide lawyers with the opportunity to develop mutually beneficial relationships that support professional growth and development.

The FJA works to match candidates within similar geographic regions with the objective of providing the best possible matches based on participants’ experience, interests, goals and specialty areas requests.* Therefore, your answers to all of the questions below will help us to make mentor matching, and ultimately the entire program, successful for everyone.

Questions or Comments? Contact Alexis Simoneau, FJA Membership Recruitment & Outreach Manager at

* Note: Submission of application does not a guarantee of a match and will be dependent on the number of mentee applications received for your geographic area.

* 1. Please provide the following information:

* 2. Number of protégés you would like to mentor (select 1-3):

* 3. Why do you want to be an FJA mentor?

* 4. Select which specialty mentoring area(s) you would like to sign up for (check all that apply):

* 5. Which of the following areas would you feel comfortable providing mentorship/guidance? (check all that apply):

* 6. How often would you be available to meet with your protégé(s)?

* 7. What are your interests or hobbies outside of work?