Discriminatory Towing in Philadelphia: Share Your Story

Have you ever been stopped by the Philadelphia Police while driving and been immediately towed? We want to learn about your experience. POWER is collaborating with New Sanctuary Movement to change these harsh policies. You can be a part of making Philadelphia a better place for all by taking 15 minutes of your time and responding to this brief survey. 

Whether or not you have been Live Stopped, you can also sign the petition to change it.

What is LiveStop?

The Live Stop program gives the Philadelphia Police the authority to immediately tow the cars of people who do not have a driver's license, whose driver's license is expired or whose insurance and/or registration is not up to date. Once the car is towed, the driver has to pay as much as $2,000 to recover it. This is a crippling amount of money for a low-income family in Philadelphia. Live Stop unfairly targets communities of color, immigrants and poor people in our city, and has resulted in over half a million vehicles being impounded since 2002. Many of those vehicles are sold at auction because the driver cannot afford to pay.