Consent to Participate

Dr. Jason Brandenburg
Department of Kinesiology
University the Fraser Valley
45190 Caen Avenue

Chilliwack, BC

June 2020

Does physical fitness influence COVID-19 symptom severity, symptom duration, and complications?

Letter of Informed Consent
By clicking on the button below I agree to participate in this study, “Does physical fitness influence COVID-19 symptom severity, symptom duration, and complications?”

Purpose/Objectives of the Study
My name is Dr. Jason Brandenburg and I am an exercise physiology researcher at the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada. I am working with Dr. Iris Lesser and Dr. Cynthia Thomson from the University of the Fraser Valley as well as Dr. Luisa Giles from Douglas College. We are conducting an online survey to understand if physical fitness influences the symptoms associated with having the COVID-19 virus.

Procedures involved in the Research
We are looking for individuals who have been infected with the COVID-19 virus (as indicated by a positive test for COVID-19) to complete an online questionnaire.  If you choose to consent to completing this online questionnaire on the Survey Monkey platform you will be asked about demographic variables, your COVID-19 symptoms, and your physical fitness level prior to being infected. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete the online questionnaire.

Potential Benefits
We do not believe that there will be specific benefits to you by completing this questionnaire but that it will help to determine if physical fitness mitigates COVID-19 symptoms and this will have implications for the public health.

Potential Harms, Risks or Discomforts to Participants
Some participants may be uncomfortable answering questions regarding their previous symptoms related to COVID-19. If any questions make you uncomfortable you may skip those questions or you may choose to discontinue your participation by closing your browser to withdraw from the study.  If you have experienced any psychological distress as a result of this survey or COVID-19 the following resources may be of assistance to you:

The data collected through Survey Monkey will be stored on a Canadian server until the end of the study.  Data will then be kept on a password-protected computer and raw data will be destroyed by May 2028.  The survey is completely anonymous; therefore personal identifiers (e.g. name) cannot be linked with your answers to the survey questions. 

Participation is entirely voluntary and you may stop completing the online questionnaire at any time by closing your web browser. Any questions that you do not want to answer can be skipped. Data is anonymous and your data will not be analyzed if not completed, however, once data is submitted it cannot be withdrawn as it is anonymous.

Study Results
Study results will be used to gain an understanding if physical fitness eases COVID-19 symptoms and will be disseminated through academic publication, conference presentations, and/or in reports to interested agencies.

If you have any questions you may contact Dr. Jason Brandenburg at

If you have any concerns regarding your rights or welfare as a participant in this research study, please contact the Ethics Officer at 604-557-4011 or You may also contact Dr. Laura Farres, Chair of the Douglas College Research Ethics Board, or