Celebrating 35 Years of Working Together & Shaping the Future

Join us for our FISSEA Summer Forum by sharing your expertise and creative ideas focusing on awareness and training of information and cybersecurity. FISSEA is seeking presentations on these topics of interest:

Topic 1: Working Together to Build Innovative Approaches to Awareness and Training Programs
In this FISSEA topic, we are looking for presentations that raise the bar for awareness programs, products, events, and activities. We are looking for presentations on (1) valuable, successful, groundbreaking, over-the-top creative, meaningful, original, inventive methods used to bring home the awareness and training messages; and (2) stories and examples of how user behavior changed (i.e., phishing click-rate is reduced!).

Topic 2: Shaping The Future Workforce Through Awareness and Training Programs
In this FISSEA topic, we are looking for presentation's on (1) how your organizations information security, cybersecurity, or privacy protections have advanced through an awareness and training program; and  (2) innovations leading behavior and organizational transformation.

Topic 3: Working Collaboratively to Shape the Future Cybersecurity Workforce
In this FISSEA topic, we are looking for presentations on leading practices for (1) identifying and addressing training requirements for specific work roles; (2) utilizing existing workforce models in your organizations; (3) your experiences in developing cybersecurity career pathways;  (4) your experiences for working with interns or creating apprenticeship programs to advance and enhance your cybersecurity workforce; and (5) your partnerships with colleges, universities, non-profit training centers, local training programs, or other collaborations to enhance your existing and future workforce.

Presentations are 30 minutes in length. We are also seeking FISSEA Ignite! Sessions, which can be pre-recorded video, virtual, or in-person. FISSEA Ignite! is a 7 – 10 minute presentation where you discuss an idea you are passionate about – it is a creative, informative, and maybe opinionated session designed to create thoughtful discussions about key topics in cybersecurity awareness and training programs.

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If you have any questions about FISSEA, please contact the committee at fissea@nist.gov