As you know, the fishery of Newfoundland and Labrador is complex and involves a number of issues dealing with the ecology, the economy and communities. To add to the complexity, many if not most of these issues are interrelated and interconnected.

We have identified below 21 questions in four thematic areas that cover the spectrum of issues in the fishery. We would like to know from you, as a member of the MUN Fishery Policy Forum, what you consider to be the FIVE most important (or most interesting to you) issues.

If you feel that we have missed one or several issues, please feel free to add it/them in the spaces labelled "other".

Your participation in this survey is essential, as it will help determine the agenda for future meetings of the MUN Fishery Policy Forum. Please take the few minutes required to inform the Forum of your areas of interest.


Question Title

* 1. Fisheries Science, Resource Management and Conservation

Question Title

* 2. Finance, Corporate Structure and Marketing

Question Title

* 3. Human Resources, Technology and Innovation

Question Title

* 4. Regulatory Models, Governance and Regional Economic Development