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Your feedback is essential to improving Orientation Month. We value all feedback and are interested in hearing about what you most enjoyed and what you think needs to be changed. Please be as detailed as possible, as this allows us to make concrete changes in response to your feedback.

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* 1. Please use the following rating system to evaluate each session/activity:

1 - keep session AS IS (make no changes)

2 - keep session but MAKE SOME CHANGES (e.g. topic should be covered but by a different presenter, session should be shorter/longer, want more time for discussion, etc.)

3 - omit / replace session

N/A - did not attend

  1 2 3 N/A
Unwinding (Paul Gross)
Living Room (Andrea Littleton)
Homeless Van (Scott Ikeda)
Intro to the ACA (Aaron Fox)
Sick around the World (Dan O'Connell
Brief History of Social Medicine (Matt Anderson)
Nutrition Assessment (Karen Becker) - Part 1
Race Cases distributed 
Walk to School / Nutrition Assessment
Nutrition Assessment (Karen Becker ) - Part 2
Does Race impact on clinical care? (Susan Moscou)
La Morada
South Bronx Unite Tour (Mychal Johnson)
Housing Matters (Earle Chambers)
Housing Activism (Liza Ortega)
Race Cases (Part 2)
Health Systems 101 (Dan O'Connell) 
Social Determinants of Health (Mary Duggan and Faculty)
NYCE RING convocation

Question Title

* 2. Please explain the rating you gave each session/activity. Be as specific as possible! We want to know what you liked about each session, what improvements you might suggest, and why you would omit/replace certain sessions.