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Find My Gene is a valuable tool for me that I intend to revisit in the future
I would recommend Find My Gene to a friend or colleague
It was easy for me to locate Find My Gene on the Promega website
The process and information to order an ORF clones was simple and helpful
Search capability using gene name, symbol, geneID, etc. worked well
Blast search capability using DNA, RNA, and amino acid sequences worked well
Results of search were accurate and met my expectations
Gene detail information was interesting and relevant
Gene protein interactions were a valuable functionality
Graphics and imagery were visually appealing and appropriate

* How can we improve Find My Gene to make this tool more useful for you?

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Add a visual, interactive protein interaction map centered on the gene of interest
Add a visual, interactive canonical pathway maps to show position of gene of interest
Map restriction enzyme pattern for a nucleic acid sequence
Map protease pattern for an amino acid sequence
Add cell line specific expression patterns of gene of interest
Add “top ten” most recent publications of gene of interest
Show interactive protein structure
Protein domain mapping

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