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* 1. For you to qualify for the raffle that will go along with completing the survey, we will need for you to enter the following information.  (Any incomplete data will disqualify you from the said raffle.):

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* 2. What's your email address?

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* 3. What's your gender?

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* 4. What's your current age?

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* 5. At what age do you plan to achieve the following goals?

  18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ I've already achieved this! This isn't a goal for me
Get a college degree
Get a post-graduate degree
Get a job
Get married
Have kids
Own a car
Own a house / condo
Own a business
Travel regularly on personal holidays
Be debt-free
Have an emergency fund equal to six months of expenses set aside
Invest in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds
Save enough for retirement

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* 6. How much are you currently making per month?

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* 7. In a month, how frequently do you do the following:

  Never Rarely Sometimes Usually Always
I keep track of my expenses regularly.
I put money aside for savings, future purchases, or emergencies.
I pay my credit card bills on time every month.
I have a budget and stick to it every month.
I make goals about how to spend money.
I comparison-shop or buy things on sale.
I feel secure in my current financial situation.

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* 8. How much savings do you currently have in the bank?

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* 9. How much do you usually spend or set aside per month on the items below?

  I don't spend on this. Under P1,000 P1,000 - P3,999 P4,000 - P6,999 P7,000 - P9,999 P10,000 - P19,999 P20,000 - P49,999 P50,000 and up
Groceries (food and personal care)
Eating out / ordering in
Utility bills (electricity, water, phone, internet)
Entertainment (movies, online games, Netflix, Spotify)
Travel (fares, accommodation, pocket money)
Rent / mortgage
Transportation (fare, gas, toll, parking)
Schooling (your own)
Schooling (your kids)
Debt / loan payments

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* 10. Do you make enough money monthly to cover the above expenses?

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* 11. Where do you put your savings?

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* 12. During times you have unexpected expenses, where do you get the extra funds, if needed? (choose all that apply)

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* 14. How many credit cards do you have?

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* 15. Do you feel that you have enough credit?

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* 16. Do you use the installment feature on your credit card(s)?

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* 17. Which insurance products do you have? (Choose all that apply)

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* 18. Financial products and opportunities are available for various segments of the population. Which of the statements below do you agree with? (Choose all that apply)

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* 19. What is your civil status?

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* 21. What is your current living situation in terms of ownership?

Question Title

* 22. What is your current living situation in terms of type of residence?

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* 23. Who are you living with?

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* 24. Based on your realizations after answering these questions, what do you want to learn more about? (Check all that apply, choose at least one)

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