You are invited to participate in the Pierce County Financial Aid Leadership Cohort for the 2017-18 school year! Join us to share, learn and advance strategies and best practices for increasing financial aid completion and T-2-4-going culture and connect with and support partners from throughout Pierce County working to increase access to postsecondary for all students. There is no cost for schools, organizations, or individuals to participate in the cohort. PSCCN will confirm your registration after your submission of the form below.

More details can be found at: 

What does the Leadership Cohort look like?

Teams of 2-4 members from Pierce County districts, schools, and organizations participate in approximately four group workshops between September and April that combine group training, best practice sharing, and individual team planning time. At least 2 members from each team must attend each session (we encourage in person participation, but there will be a mobile/video attendance option). 

How will our team benefit?

- High quality professional development and team planning time
- Mini-grant opportunities to implement a financial aid completion strategy – early, middle, and late term strategies will be accepted
- Access to regionally developed ready-to-use tools and promotional materials
- Connections to a dedicated group of practitioners seeking to expand opportunities for postsecondary access via financial aid completion support 

Cohort teams can attend one or both of the fall meeting options.
1) September 20 from 9:00AM-12:00PM at Tacoma Community College. This training will be for those needing an overview of the financial aid process and FAFSA/WASFA forms.

2) October 4 from 9:00AM-11:30AM at the Pierce County Skills Center. This session will be a bit more focused on school/district work, but all cohort members are welcome. The session will focus on financial aid completion case management and successful strategies from 2016-17. 

The December cohort meeting will be December 4, 5, 14, or 15 (TBD) and is tentatively set to focus on parent/family engagement in financial aid completion work. We hope to have the exact meeting date set by October 4. 

* 1. If you are interested in registering for the cohort, please complete the information below for the team contact person.

* 2. If you already have a cohort team assembled please provide us the first and last name and email address for each team member (teams are 2-4 people). If you have not yet assembled a team, please respond "still assembling my team".

* 3. We will be splitting the cohort teams for some meetings depending on their experience with and responsibilities around financial aid. Please help us identify which group would best suit your team's needs by telling us which of the options below best describes your team:

* 4. What time of day works best for you/your team? (workshops will run approximately 2-3 hours; please select all that apply)

* 5. Briefly, why are you/your team interested in participating in a financial aid leadership cohort with other Pierce County school/district and organization-based partners?

* 6. Are there any specific financial aid strategies you/your team are hoping to share or learn more about? If so, what are those topics or strategies?

* 7. Does anyone on your team need accommodation for a disabilty? (If yes is selected, PSCCN will be in touch with your team contact person for more information.)

* 8. Does anyone on your team have dietary restrictions? If so, please list them below or have individuals email