* 1. How many films have you completed (as either director or producer)?

  0 1 2 3 4 5 6-10 10+
Fiction Short
Fiction Feature
Documentary Short
Documentary Feature

* 2. Have you submitted any of your films to film festivals?

* 3. On average, how many festivals did you apply to with each film?

* 4. Did you use Withoutabox for any of those submissions?

* 5. Roughly, can you estimate how much money you spent submitting to festivals (including the cost of making screeners, fedex, submission fees, etc.), per film?

* 6. Roughly, how much did you and your colleagues spend actually attending festivals, per film?

* 7. Has a studio or full-service distributor acquired any of your films?

* 8. Have you self-distributed any of your films, in whole or part?

* 9. If so, how?

* 10. How important to you is:

  Must Have Nice to Have Either Way Not Really Over My Dead Body
Getting into Festivals
Hiring a Sales Agent
Hiring a Distribution Consultant
Hiring a Publicist
Getting Press / Reviews
Showing your Film in a Movie Theater
A Netflix Deal
Getting on Itunes
Getting on Amazon
A TV Release

* 11. Have you hired a publicist in the past?

* 12. If yes, how much did it cost per film, on average (including expenses)?

* 13. What's the number one reason you hired a publicist?

* 14. Marketing my film should be done primarily by:

* 15. What are the top three cities in which would you most want to theatrically release your film?

* 16. If you could invite them easily, and sell tickets online, how many people could you and the cast and crew get to buy tickets for the theatrical premiere of your film?

* 17. All in, how much money did you and your investors spend on marketing and distributing your last film?

* 18. Would you use a website that helped you market your film at festivals? (replacing a festival publicist; managing street teams; poster/postcard design, printing, and shipping; fan information collection; etc.)

* 19. What would you pay for that website, per film?

* 20. Would you use a website that helped you market and distribute your film publicly? (Services that could replace a publicist; book theaters; press and fulfill DVDs; get your film onto Netflix and iTunes; buy ads; drive social media marketing; etc.)

* 21. What would you pay for that website, per film?

* 22. Do you live in (or around) NYC?

* 23. If we ply you with free food, liquor, and/or false praise, would you be willing to spend 30 minutes giving us feedback on those kinds of filmmaker tools?

* 24. If so, what's the best email to reach you. (We won't spam you or otherwise use the address.)

* 25. Anything else you want to tell us?