1. Field Experience Reflection


All teacher preparation candidates are required by Texas Adminstrative Code to complete 30 hours of early field experience prior to internship. Please complete this Field Experience Reflection Survey online and submit documentation of the 30-hour requirement directly to the Office of Alternative Certification (by mail, fax, or in person).

If you are not familiar with some of the terms or did not directly observe specific practices, you will need to do some pre- and/or post-observation research. In addition, you should discuss these questions with the teacher(s) whose classroom(s) you observed.

Please answer thoughtfully and thoroughly in complete sentences if constructed response is required.

* 1. Please provide identifying information.

* 2. Please identify the setting of your approved 30-hour field experience; check all that apply. Under separate cover, please submit required documentation as noted below.

* 3. Identify the context of the school in which you completed early field experience. Check all that apply.

* 4. When observing, what did you notice about the engagement of the students? Were they all engaged? Were some of them engaged? How were you able to tell if they were engaged in the learning process? Describe strategies used to engage students in learning (i.e., differentiated instruction, scaffolding, learning style and modality modifications, critical thinking questioning, small group instruction, cooperative learning strategies, etc.).

* 5. What instructional strategies were used to address the needs of English Language Learners (ELL)?

* 6. What instructional stragies were used to address the needs of students with disabilities?

* 7. Discuss the learning objectives with the teacher. What did the lesson plan look like? How and when were the objectives assessed?

* 8. Discuss evidence of consideration given to classroom organization and management of student behavior (classroom arrangement, availability of supplies and materials, classroom procedures, classroom rules, discipline management plan, etc.).

* 9. What instructional technology was available in the classroom?

* 10. How does the teacher use technology to access, manipulate, and analyze data to increase student achievement?

* 11. List at least three specific practices or strategies you plan to use in your own classroom as a result of your observations.

* 12. Explain how your field experience will contribute to your ability to have a successful and positive classroom when you become a teacher.