* 1. Project outline: PhD study to explore how prolific the practice of consensual chastity & cuckolding its effects on the persons involved. This survey is aimed at people who play or have played with chastity and/or cuckolding either directly themselves or with someone in chastity. If you have no experience with this type of play then there is no need to fill in this poll.

By ticking yes I agree that I have read the project outline I understand the nature of the subject matter and I am not offended by questions involving my sexuality or sexual habits.

I understand I have the right to withdraw from the poll at any point in completing it. I understand the nature of the poll and that my demographics are suitable for inclusion in this study.

I understand that the information will only be used for this research and for publications that might arise from this research project.

I understand that no personal details will be recorded and the survey is totally anonymous.

I confirm I am over 21 years of age.