Informed Consent

Please read the following carefully and in its entirety to encourage your understanding of this study and your role in it. You will be prompted to agree with the terms and conditions at the end, which you will be required to answer before proceeding. 

                                                                                            Informed Consent

This is an investigation in the department of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies. This study is being conducted by Dr. Angela D. Ferguson and Johanna Williams, a doctoral/master’s candidate. You will be asked to complete three questionnaire(s), the African Self-Conscious Scale, Development of Self Inventory-Revised, and Family Relations Scale, which require 30-45 minutes to complete. 

The benefit you receive for participating in this study is the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card by completing both the questionnaires and interview portion of this study. We anticipate minimal psychological risks, and personal time inconvenience. However, should you participate in the interview portion of this study and experience any uncomfortable feelings during the discussion, a referral can be made for you to meet with a counselor or licensed psychologist at the Howard Counseling Center.

The results of this research will be useful to a larger discourse of research on caregiving and families. In order to maintain your confidentiality in this study, the researchers are using an online survey database system called survey monkey. This system uses secure sockets layers to protect private documents or information via the Internet. Many websites, like banking or e-commerce sites, use SSL to obtain confidential user information. Should you participate in the interview portion of this study, you will be asked approximately 7 interview questions where the answers you provide will be recorded via tape recorder and transcribed electronically. All hardcopy files and audiotapes will be stored safety in a locked file cabinet in the principle investigators office. Electronic documents will be encrypted with password protection. You may withdraw from this study at any time without jeopardizing the researcher’s continuation of the study or your relationship with Howard University or Howard University Hospital.

The participants should be 25 years of age or older and female. Additionally, participants must identify themselves as African American or Black despite their affiliation with another ethnicity or the African diaspora (Afro-Caribbean, Afro-European, African Country, etc.) should it exists. The participants should also identify as a caregiver either financially, physically, or emotionally (can be more than one) of a loved one and cannot be a biological parent. If you would like any further information about this study, please contact Dr. Angela Ferguson via email at . Additionally, you may contact Johanna Williams at . You may also call the Howard University Institutional Review Board at 865-8597, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, if you would like to discuss this study with someone other than the investigators.

* 1. I have read the informed consent above and AGREE to the terms and conditions.