Thank you for taking the time to review the Ocean Decade Data and Information Strategy (note: Executive Summary available here) and for providing your feedback in the brief form provided below!
The Data and Information Strategy is intended to guide the Ocean Decade partners, to collectively address data, information and knowledge challenges, which hinder our ability to meet the Decade Challenges as a global community; today these include limited accessibility and interoperability of digital resources, major gaps in ocean data types, lack of resourcing and capacity, and lack of awareness of the benefits of data sharing.
The vision of the Data & Information Strategy for the Ocean Decade is that by 2030 – building on what already exists today – we will establish a trusted, inclusive, and interconnected ocean data and information system that is actively used for decision-making to support sustainable management.
This strategy will evolve through time with the changing needs of the Ocean Decade and its stakeholders. Therefore, we welcome your inputs and feedback, which will help us ensure that the strategy remains relevant and useful to achieve the Decade vision of ‘the science we need for the ocean want’!
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