Centropa Seminar Registration

Dear Teachers,

We're pleased to offer a Centropa workshop for teachers in the Houston Alief and surrounding school districts on February 10, 2018, at the Houston Alief ISD main offices.

Immerse yourself in 20th century European Jewish history, digital storytelling, Holocaust education, and conversations about how to make your students globally literate, civic minded critical thinkers. After this seminar, you will return to your classes with a lesson that fits into your curriculum, along with a wide range resources for teaching history, civics, social studies, art, ELA, foreign language (Spanish), photography, film, and technology. You'll hear about cross-cultural projects between US and European schools, creative pedagogies using the latest technologies, and student-directed projects that meet state and Common Core standards. 

If you are interested in attending, please complete this registration form. PLEASE NOTE: to save your answers, you need to click on "next" at the end of each page, and then "done" at the end in order for your answers to save. You may start and then return to the application using the same device.

We ask all participants to bring a laptop or tablet, since we will give you time to work on a lesson. Please take time before the seminar to identify a specific lesson or unit you would like to work on, using Centropa's resources (www.centropa.org). 

Alief School District teachers will receive professional development credit, and we will be happy to provide letters to those in other districts so you can receive credit, as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact Lauren Granite (granite@centropa.org, 301-787-0052) with any questions.


Lauren Granite
US Education Director, Centropa

* 1. Name, affiliation and contact data.
Please provide us with the address of your school or organization and give us a cell phone number in case we have to contact you during the seminar.

* 2. Please check the box that defines your role as an educator. You may check more than one box.

* 3. For this question, we'd like you to paint us a picture of your school or organization, including the students and/or teachers you teach. Please answer those question(s) relevant to you. Note: the next question asks about your specific responsibilities (e.g., what grades and courses you teach), so no need to include them here.

* 4. Please tell us what subject you teach, if you are a classroom teacher, or if you are an administrator and/or work for a museum or other educational organization. Use the comment box to elaborate.

* 5. Please tell us what grades/ages you teach, and if you teach different subjects to different grades you can clarify that in the comment box. Please be brief, such as: ELA - 12th grade, History - 10th grade.

* 6. Of the lessons, projects, or programs you have designed, which one are you most proud of and why? Briefly describe the lesson, and be sure to include your goals and the learning activities you used to achieve them. We want to understand your work as an educator.

* 7. Have you used Centropa in your classes or work? If so, please tell us how you've used it. If you are new to Centropa, before completing this application, watch any of the personal story films (at this link: http://www.centropa.org/centropa-cinema), give us a summary of the film and how you think you might use it.

* 8. Everyone needs to bring a laptop computer or tablet to work at the seminar. Please confirm you will do so.

* 9. As a non-profit organization, Centropa relies on grants to continue our work. Therefore, we need concrete evidence that teachers, indeed, use our resources.

By submitting this application, you agree to the following:

o I will provide Centropa with any lesson plans, projects or activities I create using Centropa materials (classroom teachers) and/ or I will help arrange a workshop for local teachers in my organization or community (other educators);

o I will email Lauren a short write-up of the Centropa lesson/project/activity/workshop details when requested, and answer any follow-up surveys requested.

o I will provide Centropa with a letter from your department chair, principal, or direct supervisor that they will support your efforts in using Centropa in your lessons or, if you are a museum or education center educator, you will include our resources in your professional development for educators.

Please indicate below that you have read this and agree.

* 10. Thank you for registering for the February 10, 2018 Centropa Seminar for Alief IDS teachers, and teachers in other Houston area school districts. We will contact you in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, please include them below and/or do not hesitate to contact Lauren Granite (granite@centropa.org, 301-787-0052) with any questions.

Warm regards,

Lauren Granite
US Education Director, Centropa