1. Vote for your 5 favorite species to depict on the tree of life

Dear Colleagues,

As our team works to build an Open Tree of Life for professionals we are also working on a educational version of the tree for the public and we could use your input on exemplar species from across the tree. Our goal is to depict about 200 better-known (phylogenetically/economically important in some way (pathogen, food source, etc.) species from all three domains of life. The intended audience of this effort includes educators, students, and the public in general.

Join the conversation through our blog (opentreeoflife.com) email (opentreeoflife@googlegroups.com), twitter (opentreeoflife) or wikipage (http://opentree.wikispaces.com/).

Thank you!



* Choose domain.

* If eukaryote, choose major group:

* Species name (ie: Homo sapiens)

* Common name (ie: Human)

* Explain in 150 words or less why this species belongs on the Public Tree of Life

* Link to more information and images

* Do you want to enter another species?