Welcome to FARMroots, Greenmarket’s technical assistance program. FARMroots offers access to business planning, legal counsel, succession planning and other services to ensure the long-term viability of all Greenmarket farms and operations. FARMroots staff provide services in-house while also referring producers to a diverse partner network of consultants and advisors.


The application should take about fifteen minutes to complete. The questions pertain to general information about you and your farm business, including ownership, management, and production. However, you shouldn't need any other documents to complete the application. Please feel free to respond with your best guess; exact numbers are not required.

Once accepted into the program, producers will have an introductory meeting with FARMroots staff to begin the assessment process, and identify the priorities for the farm and operation.

To learn more about the process, CLICK HERE:

Note that there is no cost for applying to the program.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

Chris Wayne, FARMroots Director

Maria Rojas , Project Coordinator
212.788.7900 x288,

Jack Hornickle, Business Planning Specialist
212.788.7900 x265

All financial records and business plans will be kept confidential. The purpose of sharing historical financial information with FARMroots is to help clarify the current status of your farm finances, and to determine how the program can best assist in the development of your business. Applications and business plans may be reviewed by Greenmarket staff and trusted partners for documentation and program evaluation purposes.