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* 15. The course is offered on a sliding scale, from $0-200, with an average tuition of $100.
What amount are you able to pay?

* 16. How did you hear about Farm Beginnings/FARMroots?

Unable to pay more now? Please consider making a contribution in the future!

Hay solicitudes a disposiciĆ³n en espaƱol (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/solicitudfarmbeginnings)
Please fill out applications by Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

For further questions about the course at Ulster County Cooperative Extension, NY, please contact Rachel Schneider, HVF Learning Center Administrator, at rachel@hawthornevalleyfarm.org, or at 518-672-7500 x 236. 327 County Route 21C, Ghent, NY 12075.

For further question about the course at GrowNYC in New York City, please contact Christopher Wayne, New Farmer Development Project Coordinator, at cwayne@greenmarket.grownyc.org. or at 212-341-2256. 51 Chambers Street, Suite 1231, New York, NY 10007.