Welcome urban travellers

Thank you for spotting my city travel survey. I'm Sarah Giblin. I design and manufacture urban backpacks called RiutBags for people who commute and travel regularly in cities. Riut, pronounced "riot", stands for Revolution in user thinking. Riut exists because of the amazing Kickstarter backers and early adopters of the design who supported and shared the idea from the very start.

Backpack design powered by you
I will use the views you share in this survey to build new RiutBag prototypes and manufacture them later this year. You are helping to build the next generation of RiutBags to meet your travel challenges. 

Take, share + win
By completing this survey, you will have the chance to win one of the RiutBags you help to make when it is released. The more people take the survey, the more RiutBags I'll add as prizes. One of my biggest challenges as a startup is reaching all the people who would like to be involved in this project. Once you've taken the survey, please share it with people you think would be interested. 

What's in the survey?
This survey takes no more than 12 minutes. The survey will ask you how you commute, what you carry, how you carry it, the ups and downs of commuting and what you think the ideal commuting backpack should be. When we're not working, increasingly we visit cities on holiday. I'll ask a few questions about the challenges of city holiday travel and what a backpack for city travel should be like.

Your data
I'll only use this data to prototype the new RiutBags, to get in contact with the winner and to share the new designs with you once they're ready. If you'd like to know more about what Riut does, simply like Riut on social media or drop by at my website where I give regular updates on RiutBag manufacturing, freight and the fun of running a one-person startup. All the links you need will be listed at the end of the survey.

If you're happy with all this, let's begin!

Kind regards

Sarah Giblin
RiutBag creator

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