Food Action Plan Inventory

Since the creation of the Healthy & Sustainable Food Action Plan (FAP) in late 2012, local organizations and businesses have made significant efforts to advance a thriving local food system. Ag Innovations is collecting information on local initiatives to create an inventory of the current landscape of food system initiatives and progress made against each of the FAP goals.

We are collecting information on specific initiatives and the progress made between 2012-2015. Sample language is provided on page 2, and a 1-page project summary is available here. Submissions will be accepted through April 30, 2016, and a formal publication will be produced in early fall. Please take a moment to complete the survey so we can catalog and celebrate the tremendous work happening throughout the county!

What is the Food Action Plan (FAP)? The FAP is a road map of our shared food system goals for Sonoma County. The 11 FAP goals span 4 action areas (pillars), and incorporate findings from the Community Food Assessment and 2011 Sonoma County Food Forum. Review the FAP here.

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