Welcome to "More-Than-20-Questions on Fandom and Spirituality"!

Calling all fans, nerds, geeks, freaks, cosplayers, filk-singers, fan fic authors, collectors, and so on. If you're mainly a sports fan and not into media products like movies, television shows, anime, manga, etc., then this isn't the survey for you. If you are BOTH a sports and media fan, then go ahead and take the survey. Just know that the questions are slanted towards media fandom and not sports fandom. I'll make one for you sports fans later.

I am doing a survey on fandom and spirituality, and I need your help. I really want to understand how fan activity and spiritual life interact. Below are almost 40 questions where I'll ask questions about you, your spiritual life, your fan life, and other stuff. Please answer as honestly as you can. And if you are NOT spiritual or religious, or NOT deeply into a fandom, I really want to hear from you, too. I want to understand your take on fandom as well. If you have questions for me, find me on Twitter at TedTurnau.

Be advised: This survey is, um, not short. The length of time it takes depends upon you. There are a lot of open-ended questions where you could go to town if you wanted (and I'm hoping you do!). But do give yourself at least 45 minutes, or come back when you've got some time to spare. I don't want you dropping out half-way through. It's my hunch that real fans like talking about their fandom (at least, that's what I find in myself), and they don't mind sharing about their spiritual lives. So it shouldn't feel like a burden. It should feel like a place to express yourself, to tell your story. No wrong answers, just you sounding off on what's important to you. Have fun!

Thanks a ton for your participation.


Ted Turnau, Ph.D.