Let us know what promising or establishing practices or topics related to family caregiver engagement are of interest to you. This is your opportunity to help shape two upcoming webinars that are part of the Family Caregiver Community of Interest (CoI) webinar series! 

The Family Caregiver CoI is a provincial forum for knowledge exchange focused on issues facing family caregivers of individuals with mental health and addictions needs. The goal is to share and build on family caregivers’ experiences to help improve programs, practice, and policy. 

The CoI recently hosted a webinar series with EENet that featured some promising and established practices for family caregiver engagement across Ontario.  Examples of practices featured in the first webinar series include:

- the Family Navigation Program (Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto Branch; Family Outreach and Response),
- the Council of Consumer/Survivor and Family Initiatives (CMHA Muskoka-Parry Sound), and
- the Family Matters Peer Support and Recovery program (Mood Disorders Association of Ontario).

You can find out more about this webinar series here.

The Family Caregiver CoI is planning to hold two more webinars in the fall of 2017. We are interested in finding out what promising or establishing practices, or additional topics, related to family caregiver engagement would be of interest to you. This survey will help us inform the development of these webinars and should only take 2 to 5 minutes of your time. 

This is a confidential survey. Non-identifying information that is gathered from all survey respondents will be grouped and shared with the Family Caregiver CoI. Your participation is voluntary but is greatly appreciated! 
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