Part of the Georgia Family - Friendly Partnership School Initiative
A partnership between Georgia Department of Education and
Georgia Parental Information and Resource Center (GA PIRC)

Hello Parent!

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey. The survey is designed to find out your thoughts about the environment at your child's school and how welcome you feel in the school building. You, the parent, play an important role in supporting student achievement and contributing to the school's success. Your opinion is very important to us and we appreciate your cooperation.

Please think about the following questions while completing the survey:

How WELCOMING is the school building and environment? Does the school COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY with you? Are you encouraged to SUPPORT STUDENT SUCCESS? Are you supported in SPEAKING UP to make sure that all students are treated fairly and have access to learning opportunities? Are you allowed to SHARE POWER as an equal partner in making decisions that affect your child? Does your school COLLABORATE WITH THE COMMUNITY?

* 1. My child attends:

For the following questions, please circle the answer that you agree with the most:

* 2. I feel welcome and accepted at my child's school.

* 3. I enjoy visiting my child's school.

* 4. The school has parking spaces for parents.

* 5. The school has opportunities that allow me to meet and speak with the staff at my child's school to discuss school work/progress.

* 6. My child's principal and assistant principal are available and easy to approach.

* 7. I am comfortable going to the front office when visiting my child's school.

* 8. The school's front office staff is nice, polite and helpful.

* 9. The school has a translator for non-English speaking families when needed.

* 10. The school provides written materials in languages other then English for non-English speaking families.

* 11. The school has a designed space for parents to get information on things such as events, test dates, workshops, resources, etc. (Parent Resource Center)

* 12. The letter I received explains and offers a person to call for additional information about my child's test scores.

* 13. I receive timely and regular communication about upcoming events at school.

* 14. I am asked and given a list of various ways to volunteer at my child's school.

* 15. In the fall I was given the opportunity to participate and review the school improvement plan.