Dear participant,

We would like to better understand the role of faith-based organisations in addressing austerity and financial insecurity.

Are you engaged in assisting those in financial need, campaigning to reform financial practices or promoting alternative forms of finance or credit? We wish to learn more about your initiatives, your perceptions of financial issues, and your experiences of engaging with other faith groups, civil society organisations, financial institutions and government policies.

Funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust’s ‘Resources and Resilience’ programme, the survey consists of 8 sections and can be completed in 10-15 minutes. If you find any section to be less relevant to your work, please feel free to move to the next one. Alternatively, please use the available boxes to provide more detailed answers. Your contribution to our research is greatly appreciated!

We will publish the findings of this survey in a special report on ‘Public Faith and Finance’, which will be available for free download from You can also call or email us to request a free hard copy of the report.

All answers will be anonymised in any reports that we publish, except where you indicate that you are happy for your initiatives to be shared publicly. This will only happen if you indicate that you would like to do this, and we will discuss anything we publish or make public beforehand with you. Please submit your contact details at the end of the survey if you are happy for us to contact you to follow up on your experiences. 

If you have any queries about the survey, please call Katya Braginskaia on 0117 33 10477, or email:

Thank you for your time.

Research team @ The University of Bristol
Dr Therese O’Toole, Dr Katya Braginskaia and Dr Stephen Jones