Expression of interest

Thank you for your interest. At Fairtrade we work on a variety of projects and from time to time there are opportunities for volunteers and interns to assist with some of these activities. Based on the information you provide here,  if a suitable position becomes available a member of Fairtrade Australia will get in contact with you to advise of a position opening.

* 1. What is your first name?

* 2. What is your surname?

* 3. What are your contact details?

* 4. What are your subjects of interest or areas of expertise?

* 5. Why do you want to assist at Fairtrade?

* 6. What is your availability? 

* 7. Please briefly outline your past experience

* 8. Please detail any relevant qualifications/study

Thank you for taking the time to submit this information. If a suitable position becomes available, a member of our team will contact you using the details provided.