Fairmont Park Improvement Project

El Cerrito's Fairmont Park is located along the Ohlone Greenway, at Eureka Avenue and Liberty Street and borders the El Cerrito Senior Center, Library, Fairmont Elementary School in a predominantly residential neighborhood near San Pablo Avenue and the Stockton Avenue commercial area. The park was identified as an important community project in the City’s Urban Greening Plan (Adopted December 2015).

The objective of the Improvement Project is to enhance and improve the existing Fairmont neighborhood Park to maximize its use, improve environmental and ecological services while reducing maintenance costs, encouraging volunteer efforts, and meeting multiple Urban Greening Plan goals, which include: Environmental Stewardship, Community Identity, Active Living/Transportation, Economic Vitality and Urban Livability.

Due to funding availability, the Fairmont Park Improvements Project will be implemented in two phases. Phase I will upgrade a portion of the park area at the south end nearest the intersection of Eureka Avenue and Liberty Street. Improvements will be finalized during the design process, but are likely to include improved children’s play area, new path network, welcome kiosk, and enhanced spaces for a variety of recreational uses, improved seating, landscaping and lightings.  Proposed Phase II improvements will include a community garden, additional recreational areas and amenities, community art installations such as murals, and other park improvements that would enhance and compliment the development of Fairmont Park in accordance with the City’s Urban Greening Plan.

The public is invited to participate, provide input and collaborate with staff and the design team by either attending one of the public meetings or taking this short online survey. (Note: this survey will close on July 30, 2017)

* 1. How often do you visit Fairmont Park?

* 2. What's your favorite spot in Fairmont Park?

* 3. What's your favorite nearby park? (Could be in El Cerrito, Albany, Richmond, Berkeley, etc)

* 4. What attracts you to Fairmont Park? (Mark all that apply)

* 5. Please rank these potential improvements and additions to Fairmont Park:

  Very Important Important Neutral Not Important
Restored children’s play areas—turtle and wood piers
Restored stone wall, steps, and terrace
New children’s play areas and equipment
ADA accessible pathways into and through the park
Art in park—murals or sculptural elements
Improved plantings and trees
More trees and shade
Maintain open sunny character
Seating areas
Trash receptacles and bike racks
Improved lawn
Habitat areas (plantings for wildlife)
Better drainage, especially on the Ohlone Greenway (northbound)
Emergency call box
Interpretive signage
Regulatory and wayfinding signage
Enhanced paving pathways or improved path networks
Improved connections to the Ohlone Greenway
Improvements to the community garden area

* 6. What time of day do you most often visit Fairmont Park?

* 7. Is Fairmont Park your Neighborhood Park?

* 8. How do you usually get Fairmont Park?

* 9. Do you usually arrive at Fairmont Park from the—

* 10. Please offer any or your personal comments on how we can make Fairmont Park a better park for your needs

* 11. Would you like to kept informed about the public process and design development of Fairmont Park?

* 12. Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in the design of the Fairmont Park Improvements. We appreciate your time.
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