Official Fairfax County Government Survey

Fairfax County is modernizing its urban design guidelines for its CRDs and CRAs including: Annandale CRD, Bailey's Crossroads/Seven Corners CRD, McLean CRD, Merrifield CRA, Richmond Highway CRD, and Springfield CRD. Urban design guidelines are being developed to help articulate the Comprehensive Plan's vision for these areas.  When new projects are proposed, urban design guidelines provide a common vocabulary and share visual images for discussion about  streetscapes, public spaces, and overall development plans.

The urban design guidelines are contained in two volumes:

  • Volume I: Urban Design Guidelines for CRDs and CRAs that are applicable Countywide
  • Volume II: District Design Guidelines that are tailored to each CRD or CRA individually
The County is requesting your input on the draft for the Volume I: Urban Design Guidelines. Please review the document before answering the following survey questions. The Volume II will be reviewed with community groups from each area as part of a separate process.

This survey will be open until July 20, 2018. We encourage you to share it with your neighbors, friends, and family members living or working in or near these areas. Thank you for taking the time to participate. We value your feedback..

17% of survey complete.