Thank you for your interest in directing an education abroad faculty-led program! The Kennesaw State University Education Abroad Office would like to invite all full-time faculty to support the university's goal of internationalization through global engagement and overseas learning experiences.
If you received an email notification requesting you to revise and resubmit your education abroad faculty-led program proposal, please select the third option below, "Revision of a previously submitted education abroad faculty-led program proposal" to access the revision form.

Annual Submission Deadlines

5:00pm on August 11th: For all education abroad faculty-led programs (for the following year).

If you would like submit your completed proposal by April 1st, your proposal will be reviewed and approved by the end of the spring semester pending required program revisions, if applicable. All program proposals submitted after April 1st will be reviewed after the August 11th deadline.
Review Process

Prior to completing an education abroad faculty-led program proposal, be sure to obtain the proper departmental permissions. For more information, please refer to the procedures listed in the Education Abroad Advisory Committee Charter.

The Education Abroad Advisory Committee of the Faculty Senate will review all proposals submitted for approval. Program directors will be notified via email of the committee’s decision. For a list of current committee members, please refer to the Division of Global Affairs Committees Website
Necessary Documentation for Completing an Education Abroad Faculty-Led Program Proposal

Please see below for a list of necessary documents and templates to assist in completing an education abroad faculty-led program proposal. Depending upon the nature of the proposed program, faculty may need to submit the following items:

  • Budget Template- required for all programs with a budget managed by the Education Abroad Office
  • Vendor Quotes - All programs with a budget managed by the Education Abroad Office require vendor quotes to justify amounts reflected in the program budget. A minimum of three vendor quotes are required for airfare and lodging.
  • Departmental/Dean Letter of Support - 1 per faculty member; required for all programs
  • College Level Education Abroad Academic Approval Form- required for all new programs and program renewals that have added a new course or significantly changed the content of a course offering; faculty from colleges without a designated approval committee must have a letter of support addressing and approving the academic component of the proposed education abroad program
  • Physical Assessment Form - required for all new programs and renewals with changes to physical aspects of the program. The goal of this form is to ensure that students are well informed of what is required of them while on your program, so they can make an advance decision regarding if this program is a good match for them, personally, in terms of physical requirements and conditions. 
Required Faculty Training

The student application page will not go live until all faculty directing or participating in the proposed program complete the online training for Education Abroad Health, Safety and Security and the Office of Finance and Accounting Expense Report.  Faculty will be notified in advance of any additional required training sessions.
Proposal Form

* 1. Please confirm that you are completing the correct form by selecting the appropriate proposal form below.

The Proposals in Survey Monkey do not allow you to save your information.  The working documents that have been created include all of the questions that are in the official application. Please use the document to work on your application and save  your responses periodically until you are able to complete the official application.

Please not that the proposal uses question logic.  All questions are included in the application, however, they may not all be applicable to you.

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