Facer, Waldhoff, and real watch brands

Welcome to this survey! We'd love your feedback on our recent partnership with Manufaktur Waldhoff and real watch brands!

* 1. What’s your gender?

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. How do you like Facer?

* 4. Do you still wear traditional watches in addition to smartwatches?

* 5. If you would still wear traditional watches, on what occasion would that be?

* 6. What did you think of our partnership with the Waldhoff brand (Renaissance, Multimatic, and Regent faces)

* 7. Did you purchase a real Waldhoff watch on their Kickstarter?

* 8. If you knew about their Kickstarter campaign, but did NOT buy one - why is that?

* 9. Are you interested in Facer featuring more real watch brands?

* 10. If yes, what type of watch brands would you prefer?

* 11. Anything else you’d like to see improved in the next version of Facer?