Applicants for the Fellow with Distinction designation must meet rigorous standards. Applicants must be involved in the Academy, have shared experience through publications or online course construction, and lectured at the national or international level. 

Applications for the Fellow with Distinction designation are reviewed on a points scale, with a minimum of 25-points overall needed for acceptance. Here is a printable guide to the Fellow with Distinction designation scoring guide.

Points are awarded in the following categories:

Academy Involvement (Minimum of 4 points needed from this section)
  • Served in an active leadership for an Academy Scientific Society (2-points per year)
  • Served as an Academy board member for two or more years (5 points)
  • Chaired an Academy council or committee (2 points per year)
  • Served as a leader of an organized session at an Academy Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium (1 point per session)
Shared Knowledge (Minimum of 10 points needed from this section)
  • Published peer-reviewed articles as the first or second author (4 points per article, 12 points maximum)
  • Published book chapters as the primary or secondary author (5 points per chapter)
  • Edited a book (10 points per book)
  • Created OLC modules (4 points per presentation, 12 points maximum)
Lecturing Beyond One's Occupation (Minimum of 2 points needed from this section)
  • Lectured at in-services for allied health professionals (0.5 points per one-hour lecture)
  • Lectured at national or international conferences (1 point per conference)
  • Lectured regionally (1 point per regional lecture)
  • Served as the organizer of a Certificate Program of Professional Development (4 points per certificate program)

There is a required $150 application fee when applying for the Fellow with Distinction designation. Once your application is received, you will be contacted by email with steps to pay the application fee.