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Welcome to Philea's 21st Century Philanthropy survey: an invitation to explore the future

Why do we need these insights? 
We want to generate actionable insights about the future of society and philanthropy by exploring critical upcoming issues, risks and opportunities. Ultimately, we will go beyond the obvious factors driving change today and tomorrow and identify early warnings that can challenge our assumptions. By participating in this survey, you will help us take the first steps towards these goals.

We encourage people working in civil society, philanthropy, business, media, governmental organisations and academia to contribute so we can have a diverse range of perspectives. We invite you to share your own reflections

How will we use the outcomes?

The anonymised results of the survey will be shared in an open-source report and discussed at various events, such as the What if? Reimagining philanthropy event, Futures Philanthropy conversations as well as communities of practice in Philea, Philanthropy Europe Association. We are also open to your suggestions.
How can you benefit from the outcomes? 
If you complete the survey, you will be invited to a discussion of the results and will receive a copy of full anonymised survey outcomes.
Nothing will be written using the name of your organisation unless we clear the text with you in advance.
There are 5 parts with 15 questions in total, and we will track your progress so you know when you will finish. We encourage in-depth qualitative answers where possible. 
Thank you for your participation in uncovering the future of philanthropy!