Following the recent dialogue series, at which there was low turnout, the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration and the Town of Provincetown have decided to launch the following survey in order to gather community input. Additional feedback will help develop more robust recommendations for next steps for the Town to take on this initiative. This survey will remain open through Wednesday, May 22nd. Please share this opportunity with others! 

The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Provincetown has long been known as a place of inclusivity, where people felt safe to be themselves and voice their opinions. The beautiful surroundings and  the town’s zest for life have attracted scores of visitors, some who have made it their second home. Over the years, Provincetown has evolved over time and with a growing seasonal community, many people don’t know their neighbors like they used to. Like elsewhere in the nation, people in Provincetown do a great deal of socializing and interacting via social media. Some people are much bolder online, and personal attacks, bullying and name calling seem to be par for the course.

People are less involved in town affairs and decision making, with the same community members often serving on boards and committees, and few people showing up to meetings where issues are discussed and decisions are made. Facts and information are sometimes drowned out by conjecture and gossip. The changes in the makeup of the community has also fostered an “us vs them” dynamic across several groups, leading to a decreased sense of community overall. Many people are discouraged, dis-engaged, and some have gone so far as to move. Without addressing these issues, people will continue to disconnect, may feel unsafe and/or unwelcome, or may choose to move or not buy property.

What should be done?

This outline and survey offer three approaches. While not mutually exclusive, each approach reflects different perspectives and priorities that provide a different lens in which to view the nature of the problem and the kinds of actions that might be taken. No approach is without drawbacks, which also need to be examined in order to decide how to proceed.  

The outlined approaches are based on community interviews and survey data. Please read the summaries on each page before responding to the questions.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

Question Title

* 1. Provincetown should create a civil space online to share information and exchange ideas.

Question Title

* 2. Provincetown should work to increase participation in town affairs and decision-making.

Question Title

* 3. Provincetown community members should come together to build connection and reduce divisiveness.

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