The Experiment in International Living invites high school students in the Seattle, WA metro region to compete in the Global Leaders Essay Competition. The 5 winners will receive merit-based scholarships to study abroad this summer. The scholarship is $2,000 OFF tuition, as well as a waived application fee.

Scholarship recipients will also receive a certificate of recognition from The Experiment in International Living, the leader in international education and experiential learning for high school youth for more than 87 years.

*Scholarships can be applied only to program fees. Participants will be required to purchase The Experiment’s group international airfare and pay the remaining  tuition. Participants traveling to/from our USA program will travel independently from the group and purchase their own airfare.
Essay Prompts

The Experiment is offering scholarships in order to find high school students who want to cultivate a deeper awareness of and sensitivity to global issues in diverse communities.

The Experiment is looking for essays that are thoughtful and well written, and that fully answer both of the following prompts:

Part I: Please identify a particular global issue (e.g. climate change, immigration, racism, etc.), and describe how you will make a difference in the Seattle, WA metro region if you are selected to be one of The Experiment’s Monroe County Global Leaders. (Maximum 200 words)

Part II: The scholarships will be awarded to future leaders who can thoughtfully explain how they would benefit from being an Experimenter next summer. In 300-500 words, identify what you expect to be the most challenging aspects of The Experiment for you, how you will overcome these challenges, and the areas in which you expect to grow as an individual. What leadership skills will you bring to your Experiment group (of 12-15 future leaders)? How will your participation in The Experiment change your life, help to clarify your personal lifetime objectives, or prepare you for supporting your local community?
  1. Please complete all sections of the entry form before January 15, 2020, the application deadline. Make sure to click the SUBMIT button at the end of the entry form. Late or unsubmitted entry forms are not considered.
  2. Please complete write and save your essays separately before completing the contest entry form.  You will not be able to save your entry form and continue later. Essays should be copied/pasted as text only. Do not include URL's or links to online documents. 
  3. Check your work before submitting your essays.  Spelling and grammar count! Essays that are longer than the maximum will not be considered.

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