TAA (Vic) Accommodation Awards for Excellence

2018 Excellence in Innovation Award 

The Award for Excellence in Innovation recognises leadership through the practical application of innovative customer solutions for new and existing market needs resulting in a commercial, environmental and/or social benefit.

This category will be judged on a written submission only of no more than 600 words (excluding the organisation profile) plus relevant supporting documentation that assists to describe it, demonstrate its planning, execution and performance.

(No word limit on supporting documents although these must be kept to a minimum)
Questions and Judging Criteria
Organisation Profile:
Outline your organisational profile including any relevant background information:

a.   Organisational structure and operating environment.

b.   Organisation’s main product/service offerings.

c.   Current market share and position in industry.

d.   Key markets your organisation serves.

This section is not included in judging criteria or in word limit. Please keep organisational profile to no more than 200 words.


1.   Innovation or innovative initiative [i]including (where relevant);

a.   Key elements of the initiative, its goals and objectives.

b.   Planning, research and development process that was undertaken.

c.   Drivers of the initiative. Please indicate whether the initiative was a local initiative or directed from national/global offices. Outline what elements of the initiative were driven locally (list the team/s involved).

d.   How strategies and ideas were formed (including methodologies applied).

e.   Key performance indicators to monitor progress.

(Maximum 300 words)

2.   Execution of innovation initiative:

a.   Outline how the initiative was implemented.

b.   Outline any challenges overcome, insights and/or learnings that led to successful implementation (note: learning from challenges and failures is a key principle of innovation).

c.   Outline the most important factors that led to the success of the initiative/s.

d.   Describe how your team (organisation) contributed to the outcome. How did the team and/or stakeholders collaborate (or co-create)?


(Maximum 250 words)



3.   Outcomes:

a.   Provide measurable outcomes that demonstrate the success of the initiative.

b.   Provide any available data that supports the outcome (e.g: customer, financial, operational or market performance). This could include (but is not limited to) increased customer satisfaction, changes in customer behaviour, increased sales/uptake, increased loyalty or engagement or increased brand exposure.

c.   Describe any commercial, social or environmental benefits achieved.

d.   Describe any results may bring value to your organisation, and/or the industry as a whole.

e.   Outline the key learnings for your team and/or organisation (e.g. how it has changed how your see or do things).

(Maximum 150 words)



This category is open to TAA (Vic) financial members.

Judging Process
Accommodation providers will be judged on their written submission submitted.

National Awards
The winner of this category will have the opportunity to be a nominee in the AHA National Award for Excellence. 

Nominations close:                      Friday 9th March

Entry Fee:                                       $120 (inc. GST) per application

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* 6. Innovation or innovative initiative (300 words) 

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* 7. Execution of innovation initiative (250 words) 

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* 8. Outcomes (150 words) 

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