Accessing the evidence on "WHAT WORKS" to improve child and youth outcomes

Members of ARACY’s Prevention Science and Knowledge Brokering Networks are currently exploring the possibility of establishing a national register of evidence on approaches and programs that are most effective in preventing problems impacting on child and youth development and/or in promoting positive developmental outcomes.

The proposed register would provide an on-line searchable database of evidence-based approaches and programs available in Australia that have proven to be effective in improving child and youth health, development and wellbeing.

To inform our early thinking on the development of this project, ARACY is conducting a confidential, preliminary survey of key stakeholder groups.

It would be appreciated if you could complete this brief, on-line survey (which we estimate should take about five minutes) so that we can present the findings at a preliminary planning workshop in mid November.

With apologies for the late notice and the short timeframe.

Survey closes: Friday, 4 November, 2011.