To get a better understanding of the value of Electric Vehicle Expo to visitors it would be great to have you take part in a very short online survey.

The survey is anonymous and we only ask for your name and email address if you would like to enter the survey prize draw at the end of the survey. 

You can win a full membership to Renew and a Renew T-shirt. Membership to Renew provides you with independent, practical advice on sustainable living and includes:

Renew and Sanctuary magazine delivered to your door (Australia-only) + digitally through the Renew Community portal

Free access to all back issues of both magazines online

Discounts from the Renew webshop and consultancy services

Free 15-minute advice service to provide answers to your sustainability questions

We have teamed up with a Monash researcher, Dr Aneta Podkalicka who examines the role of media in prompting environmental sustainability in Australia, to help with the analysis of the aggregated data from the survey, including in academic publications. No personal information will be shared.
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