Survey of Spiritual Gifts

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1. Read each statement and answer in one of four ways: Much, Some, Little, or None.
2. Please note that the statements are in the form of “I am able” not “I have already been” or “I usually.” Please answer honestly, not modestly
3. This survey has been tested and requires only 15 minutes to complete
4. Please be sure to complete the contact information at the end of the survey - we have to know how to reach you to follow up.

* 1. I am able to organize ideas, things and people for effective results.

* 2. I am able to draw, design, or paint.

* 3. I am able to repair and maintain things with my hands.

* 4. I am able to share with others how I came to know that God was actively working in my life.

* 5. I am able to speak words of encouragement to those who are troubled, sad, or unsure of themselves.

* 6. I am able to believe that the promises of God will come true despite worldly conditions, which say otherwise.

* 7. I am able to manage my money so well that I can contribute generously to God’s work.

* 8. I am able to relieve key leaders of small tasks so they can concentrate on their main work.

* 9. I am able to provide food or lodging to someone in need.

* 10. I am able to pray intensely for others.

* 11. I am able to discover new truths in myself.

* 12. I am able to persuade other people to achieve important goals.

* 13. I am able to talk cheerfully to the elderly, shut-ins, or those in nursing homes.

* 14. I am able to sing praises to God either alone or with others.

* 15. I am able to play a musical instrument.

* 16. I am able to do routine work that some people would find uninteresting.

* 17. I am able to be responsible for the spiritual growth of a group of fellow Christians.

* 18. I am able to help other people learn Biblical facts and details which aid in building up their lives.

* 19. I am able to apply truth in my life on a day to day basis.

* 20. I am able to express my thoughts or feelings on paper.

* 21. I am able to use facts or figures in planning effective projects.

* 22. I am able to create pictures, banners or other decorative craft items.

* 23. I am able to do electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work

* 24. I am able and willing to learn how to share my faith with others.

* 25. I am able to help others see new directions for their lives by giving them words of comfort, cheer, or constructive criticism.

* 26. I am able to be more excited about the future than the past.

* 27. I am able to give my money first to God and then pay my bills.

* 28. I am able to do small jobs that take place behind the scenes.

* 29. I am able to make guests or visitors feel welcome.

* 30. I am able to pray for others when I am doing other things.

* 31. I am able to influence others by sharing with them what I know.

* 32. I am able to get other people to do work that needs to be done.

* 33. I am able to comfort people who are sick or lonely.

* 34. I am able to lead others in singing songs of praise to God for pure enjoyment.

* 35. I am able to con1ribute my instrumental musical abilities to a church, school, or community program.

* 36. I am able to feel that doing small jobs is doing God’s work

* 37. I am able to help straying Christians strengthen their faith.

* 38. I am able to share my knowledge, the knowledge of others, or the love of Christ with children or adults.

* 39. I am able to help work out solutions to complicated problems in other people’s lives.

* 40. I am able to influence others with my written .words.

* 41. I am able to get a group of people to set goals and to make plans to accomplish these goals.

* 42. I am able to garden or landscape.

* 43. I am able to build things from my own or others' designs.

* 44. I am able to have a special concern for those who find it difficult to have faith in God.

* 45. I am able to encourage others who are inactive in the faith.

* 46. I am able to believe that anything is possible through the Lord.

* 47. I am able to give generously to the Lord's work because of what God has done for me.

* 48. I am able to type, file or do other record keeping tasks.

* 49. I am able to make visitors feel at home in their new surrounding areas.

* 50. I am able to feel that my prayers lead to amazing results in my life or in the lives of others.