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After Euro Pride Con's successful debut in Munich in 2015, our next LGBT Fiction Meet will take place on June 11th and 12th, 2016 at the Hotel Berlin in Berlin, Germany. The event will be held in English, to allow as many people as possible to participate. While Gay Romance is a major focus of the event, we welcome, feature and celebrate the diversity of LGBT authors and stories.

Euro Pride Con brings together local and international LGBT authors, publishers, bloggers and readers for one fantastic weekend, to talk about books, genres, trends and challenges in the LGBT fiction genre. [Watch our Euro Pride Con Trailer]

AUTHORS will be able to sell and sign books at our book fair, meet representatives of local and international LGBT publishers, submit manuscripts, learn more about how they can improve their craft, what publishers are looking for, what readers want to read, how to best use opportunities bloggers provide for them and can exchange experiences with other authors.They can be part of a panel, workshop or to do a reading of one of their stories.

PUBLISHERS can get a table in the main convention room to sell books throughout the weekend, accept manuscripts from authors, sign new book contracts, network with new and established authors, meet bloggers eager to work with them, network with other local or internatinal publishers (for example for translations), network with cover artists, editors, proof readers and audiobook narrators and introduce themselves to new readers. They can be part of a panel or workshop and share their perspective and experience with our delegates.

BLOGGERS can meet new authors and publishers to work with and put a friendly face to many they already know. They can introduce themselves to readers and tell them why their blogs are worth a visit. They can participate in panels and workshops and share the opportunities their blogs offer and talk about trends from the many books they read and review. 

READERS can meet some of their favorite authors in person, buy books, get books signed, listen to readings, discuss books, meet representatives of their favorite publishers and blogs and discover new publishers and blogs, find new amazing authors and books to read, find new friends with the same passion, participate in panels and workshops to share what they really want to read about and what they like and dislike, take a look behind the curtain of the publishing industry, find out how authors work, how stories are created, how characters are developed and ask all their burning questions.

All authors, publishers, bloggers and readers (regardless of their EPC attendence) can become sponsors for our event and unlock special opportunities like online and print advertising, optimized for their specific needs. They can provide content for our swag bag, add prizes for our raffle (all attendees will get one raffle ticket with their registration and can make a donation for a good cause. Every delegates will have equal chances to wn.

The convention will start on Saturday, however, for anyone who arrives in the city early there will be activities like an LGBT History Tour or a Boat Tour on the Spree (river) they can participate in together with other like-minded people on Friday.

All tickets include a lunch buffet (starter, salad, main dish and dessert) and two coffee/tea/snack breaks each day as well as something to drink, pens, paper, a raffle ticket, a swag bag, a lanyard with name, a programme and use of our three convention rooms on Saturday and Sunday. Our ticket prices are kept as low as possible to break even. The EPC organizers want to provide a platform for LGBT fans to meet and will make no profit from the event. If you can, please support our event by becoming a sponsor.

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