1. About you

Welcome to Environment, Technology and Society! This survey is meant to help us create a balanced, multidisciplinary course and to understand the goals of the students taking part.

* 1. What is your first and last name?

* 2. What is your email address?

* 3. What's your current college/department?

* 4. What's your current major(s)?

* 5. What is your current education status?

* 6. What are three things you would like to get out of this course?

* 7. Please list a couple of topics you would like to see either lectured or presented as a tutorial as a part of the class (To help you think of topics, you may want to consider your current major, your interests, your goals out of the course, etc...)

* 8. What skills do you have? (i.e., putting things together, building things, programming, graphic design, making people think differently, life cycle analysis, leadership, etc...)

* 9. If you know programming, hardware, or sensor platforms please tell us about what you know. What language do you prefer? What's the biggest project you've done? Please rate the languages you know on a scale of 0-5 (5 being expert).

* 10. Tell us about the projects you have created that you believe is most relevant to this class. Please discuss how you approached the issue (data analysis? sensing? art? design? human computer interaction? etc.)

* 11. Please feel free to add any additional comments/thoughts you may have.