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The Complainant has the burden of proving that the Respondent violated the Code of Ethics or other membership duty as alleged in the Complaint.  The standard of proof on which the alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and membership duty is based shall be clear, strong, and convincing

If the Grievance Review Panel moves the complaint forward to a hearing, COMPLAINANT WILL BE REQUIRED TO ATTEND A HEARING. 

  • If Complainant fails to appear at a scheduled hearing without requesting a postponement, the complaint will be dismissed or referred as required by the COEAM.
  • If Complainant is a Realtor® member, please be reminded of a Realtor’s® duty to comply with Article 14 of the Code of Ethics.
  • Please visit our website for further information about the Ethics Complaint process.

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* 3. Ethics complaints submitted to the Minnesota Association of REALTORS® must name a Respondent who was an active REALTOR® member at the time of the alleged violation. Please enter the REALTOR®'s contact information below. (If you need assistance locating this information, please contact us by Email or phone: 952.935.8313.)

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