Please mark only one best response for each question and do not skip any questions! 

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. Prior to this presentation, you regularly ate:

* 4. As a result of this presentation, you plan to (please read ALL the choices and choose the BEST answer for your situation):

* 5. IF you were going to consider eating only a plant-based diet, which of the following would be your greatest OBSTACLE to success? (If you are already a plant-based eater, what was your greatest obstacle?):

* 6. IF you were going to consider eating only a plant-based diet, which of the following would be your most important REASON for doing so? (If you are already a plant-based eater, what was your most important reason?):

* 7. How interested are you in trying clean meat?

* 8. Which of the following benefits of clean meat are most appealing to you?

* 9. During today's discussions, the educator was:

* 10. Overall, the educator who presented today was:

* 11. Do you think it is important for students to be taught about the information presented today?

* 12. Do you think the information presented today was supported by reliable sources?

* 13. Prior to the information presented today, you:

* 14. Which presentation did you see today?

* 15. What is the name of THE EDUCATOR who presented to your class today, so that we may match feedback with the appropriate educator. (Your feedback about the Ethical Choices Program educator will still remain completely anonymous):

* 16. What is your school's NAME, CITY and STATE?

* 17. For prize notification, please list your EMAIL address. If no email, please write your name below and we will contact you through your teacher. (This is optional.)

* 18. Is there anything else you'd like to say about the educator or the presentation you heard today? Please mention the EDUCATOR'S NAME in your reply so we may track the comments during data collection. (Your comments will still remain completely anonymous.)

* 19. May we share your feedback comments from the previous question (#16) with the educator and others?

* 20. May we contact you (via your email) in 6-12 months to request your participation in a follow-up survey?

100% of survey complete.