Twitter survey for the Ecological Society 2012 meeting

If you tweeted or participated in a Twitter conversation during the ESA 2012 Portland meeting (#esa2012), please take 2 minutes and respond to the following questions. Karthik Ram & Chris Lortie will analyze the impact of twitter at this meeting with the primary goal of encouraging further collaboration and benefits at meetings.

Please ensure you hit the 'done' button at the bottom page to submit your responses.

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. Please indicate your current professional position.

* 4. Please indicate whom you were representing in posts.

* 5. Were you in attendance at the conference in Portland? If not, please tell us where you were tweeting/retweeting from.

* 6. If you were not in attendance at the meeting, was the twitter discussion useful to you?

* 7. Please indicate the location of your institution (city, state, country).

* 8. How would you rate the utility of twitter at this meeting in facilitating scientific dissemination?

* 9. Did twitter facilitate professional networking for you at this meeting?

* 10. In general, please indicate how you use twitter professionally.