Help us to understand and improve the internship conditions in the EP!

The Youth intergroup is a group of MEPs that are exchanging, discussing and cooperating on how to make stronger youth policies in the agenda of the European Parliament and to be also the channel between the EP and the civil society, especially the youth civil society.
We are starting a campaign to improve the quality of internships in the European Parliament, especially those taking place in the framework of our offices as MEPs. For this, in cooperation with the European Parliament Stagiaires Association, we are launching the first ever survey to inquire the conditions of the internships opportunity offered within the European Parliament.
We believe that internships should represent for you a valuable step in the transition from education to professional life and that sometimes the lack of clear quality guidelines and a lack of awareness among interns about their rights and responsibilities risks to undermine the main purpose of internships and apprenticeships as educational opportunities that give practical skills to young people.
Now we want to contribute to change this situation and we would like to do it together with you: If you are currently a stagiaire in an MEP office or in a political group take 5 minutes to fill this survey. It is absolutely anonymous and it will serve us as basis to continue our campaign and set our requests towards the Bureau of the European Parliament to set better rules concerning the quality of the stages offered in the House.
Please help us to spread the news among your colleagues....every reply counts! The survey will be opened till the 15th of July

* 1. Do you work for?

* 2. How long will your internship last:

* 3. How much is your compensation/allowance?

* 4. What is your level of qualification?

* 5. Which tasks are you required to perform?

* 6. Is someone supervising/tutoring you in performing your tasks?

* 7. If YES, How would you grade your level of satisfaction for the tutoring/supervision you get?

* 8. How many stagiaires work in your office?

* 9. Do you go to Strasbourg?

* 10. Besides this, how many internships experiences have you done in the past?

* 11. Which group do you work for / does your MEP belong to?

* 12. How would you overall rate your internship experience?

* 13. Is there any comment/idea/experience you would like to share with us?

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