Take a short survey to support EORS in promoting Women Leadership!

Dear collegue!

Due to the acknowledged facts that 51% of the global population is female, 59% of University diplomas are held by women, 61% of PhD are held by women (as per report from the European Commission), we believe that Female Leadership and Representation in Orthopaedics would be a very interesting and relevant subject to explore through our survey. The survey result will be used by EORS to implement the most preferred initiatives to promote WLR in Orthopaedics.

We would like to thank you in advance for taking few minutes of your time to participate in our 10-item questionnaire. The survey is not limited to women or EORS members only! 

Denitsa Docheva, Member-at-Large
Holger Jahr, Secretary General
Bernd Grimm, President

* 1. Which forms of improving WOMEN LEADERSHIP in orthopaedic do you favor? 
(multiple answers possible, max. 3)

* 2. Which forms of improving WOMEN REPRESENTATION in orthopaedics do you favor? 
(multiple answers possible, max. 3)

That`s it! Now, please some information about you!

* 3. Your gender

* 4. Your age (in years)

* 5. Which main field do you currently work in?

* 6. Your level of education?

* 7. What is your current function or seniority/leader position? (free text)

* 8. How long have you held a seniority/leader position?

* 9. Your relation with EORS!

* 10. Any further ideas or suggestions? Please share!

* 11. If you like, please leave behind your name and contact to receive the EORS newsletter (with survey results).