1. Transitional Programs (Bridge) 2012 - Pre Assessment


This is the first of two surveys that will be a part of this year's EOP BRIDGE experience. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. Some of the questions require short answers. Many are rated on a scale; select the response that is the most appropriate at this time. (Please note: Don't leave anything blank. Select "Don't know" if the question or answer does not apply to you or your experience.)

* 1. Student ID?

* 2. Name?

* 3. High School?

* 4. What made you decide to participate in the Bridge Program California State University, Northridge?

* 5. What do you expect to get from Bridge?

* 6. How true are the following two statements?

  None Some Many Don't know
I currently have friends outside my own cultural racial group?
My family supports intercultural/interracial friendships?

* 9. We are interested in your response to questions of culture - please select the appropriate to you at this time:

  None Some Many Don't know
How much do you know about your own culture?
How interested are you in learning more about your own culture?
How much do you know about other cultures?
How interested are you in learning more about other cultures?

* 10. If someone asked you to label yourself culturally or racially, what would your response be? Write a brief paragraph explaining why:

* 11. What is the primary language spoken in your home?

* 12. What is the secondary language spoken in your home?

* 14. What kind of group work did you do in high school? Please describe the name of the assignment and how the group worked together:

* 16. What kinds of peer pressure did you experience in high school and how did you deal with these pressures?

* 17. If you had to describe what EOP is and what it does to a friend or family member what would you say?

* 18. During Bridge in classrooms and outside classrooms, will it be easy or difficult for you to ask for help?

* 19. EOP provides many mentors to help our students. How will you use the help of EOP mentors this summer?

* 20. Is there anything else you would like to address at this time?