* 1. Your Contact Details

* 2. In what year was your company founded?


* 3. How many plantations does the company manage?

* 4. In total, how many hectares of land does the company manage?

* 5. In which areas of Indonesia does the company operate?

* 6. What power requirements does your plantation(s) currently have?

* 7. How is your plantation waste currently being disposed?

* 8. Do you currently have a renewable energy installation at any of your plantations?

* 9. Are you interested in developing a Renewable Energy installation?

* 10. If yes to Question 8; do you have a preferred technology

* 11. Will you require external finance in developing a Renewable Energy installation?

* 12. What capacity would the installation require?

* 13. If selected to progress in our Selection Process, would you be prepared to provide confidential business and financial information after signing an NDA?