Project Overview

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Main Street (aka State Route 9) plays a very important role in the daily life of our community.  The road has changed little in recent years as Alpharetta has continued to evolve and mature. In order to better serve the community's current and future needs, Main Street must be redesigned in a way that reflects and respects both its local and regional transportation roles.

Designing Main Street in a manner that meets the needs of the myriad groups that it serves: residents, business owners, local employees, shoppers, diners, visitors, and regional commuters, is no simple task. In fact, the effort can only be successful when representatives from all of those groups come together to unite their individual ideas and concerns into a single, shared community vision.  That is exactly what Envision Main Street Alpharetta is all about.

Envision Main Street Alpharetta sessions are designed for you to share your ideas and concerns, and for us to listen.  Because you live, work, play, shop, dine, and travel along Main Street, you have a vested interest in how the corridor functions and what it looks like. As somebody who uses the corridor often, you probably have some very good ideas that the City of Alpharetta would like to incorporate into the future design of the corridor.

As you work to create a community vision for Main Street, Envision Main Street Alpharetta professional consultants will be there to assist - answering questions and providing you with tools to help you communicate and illustrate your ideas.

Based upon your efforts through the Envision Main Street Alpharetta process, our planners and engineers will create a design for the future of Main Street that will be presented to the community on April 8, 2013.

The Focus Area:

Envision Main Street Alpharetta will focus on the section of State Route 9 between Old Milton Parkway and Windward Parkway.  We encourage everyone with an interest in this area of Main Street to participate in the Envision Main Street Alpharetta sessions. A special effort is being made to engage owners of property fronting the corridor and residents of neighborhoods with entrances on Main Street.