A survey that captures the environmental conerns in your community


I’m interested in learning more about the environmental issues happening in your community. I noticed that people from all over the world peek at this webpage, so I would like to know more about you. Can you allocate 5-10 minutes to take this short and simple survey?

Your name and identity will be kept confidential and your answers are for my use only. I will use this feedback to design a class for students about the environmental problems among Indigenous North and South Americans, but I would also like to get an idea about what’s happening worldwide (from people like you!).

If you are interested, I’ll be sure to compile, anonymize and email you a summary of responses so everyone will benefit from the information gathered. If you want this summary, leave me your email contact in Question 4.

In the future, I hope to assign my students the task of researching environmental issues they are interested in, and I’ll help them to develop a wiki page to display their research. The wiki page will be specific to environmental issues occurring on Indigenous lands, so if you have specific examples of this, please add them as your response below.

There are 4 main questions in this survey. Your answer can be as short (5-7 keywords) or long as you want. I’ll read every single answer and take your input seriously.

I want to do my best to help students reach their goal to learn about environmental issues that impact indigenous peoples and to learn the skills they need. With your feedback, I will be in a more informed place to do this. Thank you so much!!!

Clarita Lefthand-Begay

Question Title

* 1. What are the environmental pollution, environmental justice, water security (access, quality, quantity) or climate justice issues impacting your community? Please be as specific as you can.

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* 2. Do these issues interfere with your cultural practices, or the cultural survival of your community? If yes, please briefly describe in what way they interfere:

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* 3. What types of ecosystem restoration projects, or cultural revitalization strategies are you and your community involved in?

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* 4. What type of skills or training do you need in order to effectively address these issues?

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* 5. Leave your email address here if you want me to email you a summary of responses.